The bread – The history of the first bread.

Beside the different lifestyles, bread is a healthy option for a balanced diet. The history of bread can be retraced almost since the dawn of time.

With the appearance of the culture in ancient Egypt bread was being baked. From the first signs of life on earth, people were eating raw corns. Only later they learned how to roast them.

The flout

The first flour had nothing in common with the present one. It was flour out of roasted or tried corns, which were rubbed or mashed between two flat stones. But only later they learned to blend this prehistoric flour with water and to create the first mash, which is the prime father of the bread as we know it today.

Herodot mentioned that in ancient Egypt the bread was being kneaded with the feed. A procedure which continued until the beginning of our century in Greece and whole Europe.

The first organized bakeries appeared in ancient Rom during the rule of the emperor Traianus. In old Greece the bread was being produced and baked in the houses

The secret of good bread

The difference in the world of bread is made by the flour, which is used for the production of bread. More precisely, it is very important how this flour has been produced, so as it retains as many nutrients as possible.

That means that by eating reasonable quantities and various sorts of bread in combination with other food, we fill our body up with all necessary nutrients needed in order to deal with the rising demands of our daily life.

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